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Uwe Colleneck

melodic, progressive, rock guitar music

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An excerpt from an artwork by Marcel Meyer,

entitled "Prisoner Of The Arts"

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For those of you who are into ballads or melodic songs I recommend 5 and 8.

If you favour heavy, rocking melodic songs, listen to 1, 2, 3 and 7.

If you prefer funky stuff, choose 2 and 6.


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First Track as official video

Parts of all other tracks of my album...

Many guitar riffs of my album...


So far only in German...

therefore translated excerpts:

"Rocktimes" wrote:

...Bringing the eight original compositions Collenecks, ..., Rock - times harder , sometimes more melodic, but still progressive way - with heavy metal attacks and playful, finely engraved jazz rock and fusion elements added ...

 You've never have the impression that these recordings are egocentric end in itself - rather, the songs are in focus, even in a fairly differentiated... (Steve Braun)

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"Ragazzi Music" wrote:

...On his first album 8 songs are included, which can recognize him as technically gifted, rapid guitarist. In the songs his idols are not necessarily recognize the affinity for Prog Metal, Melodic Prog and funky jazz fusion only in general terms. The songs show handwriting and diversity, the structure has flair. There are complex inlays hear, sophisticated guitar solos that are special to the CD, it's very technical and failed to the point... (Volkmar Mantei)

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