Uwe Colleneck

melodic, progressive, rock guitar music

New Album

Welcome to my site and my new Album!

 If you are a fan of modern, progressive and virtuoso guitar music, with both, rock and melodic characteristics, you may well find just what you are looking for here. Regardless of many different influences, I have always been keen to develop and pursue my own ideas. Many of which has culminated in this album.

Despite being involved in numerous projects as a musician and guitarist in the past (Acer Fury, Vibrant Arts), I have always had a great passion for purely instrumental music, which has never let me go.


That's why this album includes tracks and pieces which I have composed over the course of several years. Letting ideas mature and transforming them into performable music takes time, hard work, and a lot of creativity. And it is what I enjoy to do.

So here it is!

Melody, variety and virtuosity, as well as some familiar elements are all central to my music. All that it then needs is the perfect fitting instrumentation to round things off.

Get the blend right and rhythm, sound and melody just speak for themselves.

Throwing typical song arrangements overboard, I like to experiment with both melody and rhythm. The result is a somewhat progressive feeling in most of the tracks.

I played and recorded all bass and guitar lines myself. Sadly, I couldn't get all the drum and keyboard parts recorded by other musicians, so my old friend P.C. had to help out here and there!


Uwe Colleneck